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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How does a musician join the Hornell Area Wind Ensemble (HAWE)?
A:  If you are an active musician who would like to join a performing community band, just show up! We rehearse on Tuesday nights (Sept.- June) from 7:30 - 9:15 P.M. in the Hornell High School Band Room. If you haven't played in awhile, we invite you to come to a rehearsal, listen to and look at the music, and talk to our conductors. Since we are a community based organization, we encourage all members to play at the level at which they feel comfortable.

Q: Can students join the HAWE?
A:  Most of our members are adults, however, serious high school musicians who can commit to our rehearsal and performance schedules and who are looking for more musical challenges are more than welcome to join.

Q: What is the attendance policy, and what happens if I cannot perform in one of the concerts due to a prior commitment?
A:  HAWE has a flexible attendance policy, but for the betterment of the ensemble, our conductors ask that musicians attend at least half, or more, of the rehearsals prior to each concert. We ask that you especially attend the dress rehearsal, held the Tuesday prior to the performance date. If you know in advance, please tell the conductor when you will be absent. If you cannot perform in a specific concert, you can take a "leave of absence" and HAWE will welcome you back after the concert. You are also welcome to sit in on rehearsals, since we frequently rehearse pieces meant for subsequent concerts.

Q: What level of music is played by the HAWE?
A:  The musicial selections performed at each concert range from level 2.5 (junior high) to level 6 (advanced). Our conductors balance difficulty as well as variety, from wind band classics to marches, medleys, contemporary music, etc., in an effort to both please and educate our audiences.

Q: How many concerts does the HAWE perform?
A:  In a typical year, HAWE performs about six times:  A fall concert (October), a holiday concert (December), a pops or exchange concert (February), the Young Artist's concert (April), and a Memorial Weekend concert (May), usually featuring a patriotic theme and a guest military conductor. We also perform a June concert of light music at an outdoor venue for the Hornell Community.

Q: What is the governing body of the HAWE?
A:  The decision making body of the HAWE is an elected Board of Directors. These include the President, Vice President (Publicity and Public Relations), as well as input and advice from our conductors and other members as needed. The Board generally sets dates, announces a fundraiser, discusses music, solicits publicity, etc.