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The Association of Concert Bands - "The purpose of ACB is to encourage and foster adult concert community, municipal, and civic bands and to promote the performance of the highest quality traditional and contemporary literature for band. In addition to representing people interested in adult concert bands, ACB's philosophy is manifested in various projects and goals, such as the Band Builder's Manual for information on the establishment, funding, development, maintenance, and promotion of bands in the world community." Current member of the Hornell Area Wind Ensemble (HAWE) Jim Caneen is the current president of the ACB. The HAWE is very proud of Jim in his position and to be a member of ACB.

Hornell Area Arts Council - The Hornell Area Arts Council's vision is centered on "Encouraging, Preserving and Promoting the Arts in the Greater Hornell Area of Western New York." The Arts Council has "been able to encourage, preserve and promote the creative and cultural arts in the greater Hornell Areas since 1971." A long-time supporter of the Hornell Area Wind Ensemble, we encourage everyone to visit their page and support local artists.

Hornell City Schools - The Hornell City Schools offer their auditoriums to the HAWE for both rehearsals and each of our concerts. The HAWE is very thankful for the use of the facilities and all of the hard work that the staff of the city school district must do in order to allow us to perform successfully.


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