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37th Annual Concert Season

2023-2024 Concert Schedule

All concerts are at the Hornell High School Auditorium except for the October 24th and June concert(s).

Oct. 14 concert Saturday 7:30 pm

Oct. 24 concert Tuesday 7:30 pm at the Dansville High School


Dec. 17 concert Sunday 3:00 pm   


Feb. 10 concert Saturday 7:30 pm


Mar. 23 concert Saturday 7:30 pm (Young Artist

May 25 Concert 8:00 pm

June 7 Concert 6:45 pm Friday on the Broadway Mall

June 18   Concert at Loon Lake Pavilion                                 

Dear HAWE members,

Thank you for a wonderful first two concerts in October and December of 2022.  It really seems that we've fully "bounced back" from our COVID hiatus.  You've played musically and have made great technical strides.  I truly hope that you've had some fun along the way, too.  I know I have.  Coming and making music with you is always one of the highlights of my week.  Collaborating with such a fine group of talented, kind, and hard-working people is a true joy.  I know that we'll keep up the momentum for the remainder of our 2022-2023 season!


Chris Lynn - Director


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