Lucy Alger

George & Virginia Appleton

Jennifer Averill

Bob & Barb Baker

Anne Black

Elizabeth Black

Jack & Kathy Burdick

Charles Burritt

James & Donna Caneen

Kathy Carneal & John Hargraves

Doug & Melody Carrier

Josephine Ciancaglini

Jon & Alberta Cleveland

Joan Coleman

Diane Constantino

Roberta L. Cornish

Dan & Gail Cox

Mark & Mary Davidson

Arlene H. Dennis

Jim & Milene Dexter

Christine Diaz

Lois B. Dungan

Jim & Sharon Farrell

Daniel & Donna Ferguson

Bob & Pat Gaffney

Jody & Greg Georgek

Bill & Jill Giese

Katherine Griffis

David A. Hardy

Al & Jan Hawk

Doug & Cindy Hawk

Barbara A. Hicks

J. P. Holbrook

Michael M. Holbrook

Pauline P. Holbrook

Sally Hopkins

Hornell Rotary Club

Diana Hovorka

Howard L. Huff

Carl & ElizaBeth Irwin

Barb & Larry Jones

Carol Kemp

Ashley Knights

Dave & Alison Knights

Mark & Marie Labanoski

Jon & Therese Le Gro

James & Cheryl Locker

Larry & Judy Lockwood

Rebecca L. Lorow

Chris & Bevin Lynn

Richard & Judith Lynn

Katie McKibben

Jim & Joan Meadows

Kate & Ken Means

Jim & Tiger Melenbacker

Jack & Connie Morris

John & Susan Murawski

Marilyn Murphy

Isabel Nobilski

Jerry & Linda Partridge

Patrick & Ann Quackenbush

Carol Rice

Cris Riedel

Dick & Kathy Russell

Donna Ryan

Jeff & Lisa Ryan

Ken Salisbury

Terry & Lisa Sanford

Lawrence & Kay Scanlon

Janice Scarrott

Lillian Schattner

Don & Grace Schauer

Irving & Marie Schoenacker

Angelo M. Siena

Cheryl Slatt

Nelson & Amanda Snyder

Barbara Stephens

Becky & John Stranges

Ron & Marilyn Stutzman

James Tastor & Marilyn Buddenhagen

Christine F. Thomas

Carol A. Topping

Ellsworth & Virginia Tripp

Ron & Maryann Van Scoter

Jim & Linda Varner

Howard & Sally Warner

Sam & Barbara Watson

Natalie Weyand

Pat & Rex Wiggers

Kimberly Wood

John & Deborah Woodruff

Richard Woodruff

Sherry & Steve Woodward

Larry & Patricia Zeger

Herb & Anne Zuschin

The members of the Hornell Area Wind Ensemble extend their thanks to all of the patrons listed.  Each year the HAWE membership participates in one fund raiser to cover its expenses for the year.  We are a volunteer community organization and we do not charge admission to our concerts.  The funds raised/collected throughout the year will be used to purchase music, pay performance venue expenses, compensate conductors and soloists, fund the Young Artist Award, purchase insurance, pay Association of Concert Band dues and ASCAP/BMI performance license fees, and other normal operating expenses.  If you are interested in being listed for our 2018-2019 concert season, call Donna Caneen at 607-545-8603, or contact her at for information.

In Memorium

Betty Arcangeli

Clayton, Maxine, & Daniel Averill

Nick Baffro

Emma M. Belin

Carolyn Bondi

Mary Bondi

Lawrence & Mary Busch

Cleora M. Carroll

Vito & Rose Cicero

Cox Family Members

Joseph & Theresa Dessena

Stephen Dori

Don & Karl Doster

E. Robert Ferris, Jr.

Shirley M. Ferris

Frances Gardiner

The Goodell Family

William J. Holbrook

Joyce Howe

Dr. & Mrs. John Kelly

Robert Langford *

Joe Littleton *

Ralph & Anne Locker

James R. Moore, Sr.

Freida Osbourne

Bob Riedel

Al Roscoe

Dr. Maurice Rucker

Georgine Salisbury

Reverend Verne Schattner

The Scheuch Family

Jennie M. Siena

Cedric Smith

Arlen Stephens

Donald & Regina Teachman

Douglas F. Warner II *

Elsie Wehling



* HAWE Members


Douglas Hawk

Thomas Locker

Fine musicians who set an example for the rest of us.

The hard work of all music teachers with today's educational challenges!

Georgine Salisbury by the Salisbury Family

                  Our Young Artist concert held each Spring is supported in part by donations given in Georgine Salisbury’s name. She was an ardent supporter of HAWE and the ensemble’s efforts to present young talent from local communities to our audiences.

In Honor of...