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We have been practicing! Every Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM in the Hornell High School Auditorium.  COVID-19 guidelines are followed - Masks must be worn at all times until you are seated to start playing.

Dear HAWE patrons,

I hope that this message finds you all healthy and happy. It is hard to believe that we have not seen each other in almost five months!

As you may have heard, the Hornell City School District is planning to re-open. Unfortunately for us, the district has now put in place a policy of no public use of the indoor facilities - meaning that we will not be able to begin our season in September as we usually do.  Our President, Jim Caneen will be in contact with our new superintendent to find out when the district will be re-evaluating this policy.  We are hoping for a January 2021 start.

While I am obviously disappointed with this news, I think it is probably for the best.  As things continue to change daily it seems we need more time to assure that we can begin again in a safe manner for everyone involved.  As I have stated before, my biggest concern is knowing that you are all safe and healthy - we will make music together again and when we do, it will be even more special for us all!

Until then please remain safe and practice good protocols to keep others safe as well!

Yours for music,

- Ed

Edward A. Belin, Conductor


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